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Changing My Mednet Password (including Mednet Email, VPN, HBS Timesheet)

This guide shows you how to change your Mednet login password. It is used when you voluntarily want to change the password, or when you're prompted that your old password has expired or is about to expire. There are three main methods to change your password, outlined as follows.

Using the Password Management Page

Note: This method only works if you know what your old password is.

Go to this link. It'll bring you to the following page. Specify your domain (probably ad) and fill in the rest of the page. Click Change Password and you're done.

Using Outlook Web Access

Note: This method only works if you have a Mednet email address and your password has not expired yet.

Log in to your email account through Outlook Web Access. Click on the Options button at the right side of the top menu bar.

A navigation pane will appear on your left. Scroll through the list and click on the Change Password option. The middle pane will refresh and look like the picture below.

Specify your old password and your new password. Make sure to click the Save button as pointed out below.

Calling the MITS Helpdesk

Medical Information Technology Services (MITS) is the IT group in charge of the Mednet system. Their IT Helpdesk can assist users with resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, etc. You can reach them at telephone (310) 794-4357 or extension x44357 from a campus phone.

Please be aware that MITS IT will ask you to verify your identity using the secret word you provided when the account was first created. Without this secret word, they will not be able to help you. If you do not know what your secret word is or you do not have a secret word on file, please contact your local department IT support. If you are a member of Biomathematics, feel free to ask for assistance from us via our Helpdesk.