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Using EM OWA - web email for remote access


Biomathematics uses EM (Enterprise Messaging) for its email services. They provide web browser access to email through Outlook Web Access, which is referred to as OWA in general and within this how-to. Since OWA is a Microsoft product, there are additional features and functionalities only available when using Internet Explorer. Other web browsers (including Firefox, Chrome, Safari) should provide basic functionalities without any problems. If you do run into issues using the interface, you can contact the MITS Helpdesk at (310) 794-4357.

Logging In

The URL for EM OWA is
Or you may use our customized URL

The page should look similar to the picture below. Type in your username and password. The username should be the same as your BOL logon ID. Click Log On when finished.

This is how the main screen looks like upon login. Navigation bar on the left, menu on top (new message, delete, reply, etc).

Now you can access your Biomath email on-the-road!