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Setting up an Email Client - On Campus


A number of different email clients can be used to access Biomath email. Examples include Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Additionally, a number of different protocols can be used to retrieve email. These include Microsoft Exchange, POP, IMAP, etc. For simplicity's sake, this howto will walk you through on how to set up Exchange on Outlook, arguably the most common setup. This should be fairly similar to setting up Exchange on other email clients. If you need additional assistance on setting up other email protocols on other email clients, please submit a helpdesk ticket or refer to the additional resources available from Enterprise Messaging here.

Setting up Exchange on MS Outlook

1. Open Control Panel from the Start Menu.

2. From Control Panel, select "Mail".

3. When the window opens, click on E-mail Accounts.

4. Under the E-mail tab, click on the New... button.

5. Select E-mail account.

6. Choose to manually configure the server settings.

7. This will be a Microsoft Exchange account.

8. Under Microsoft Exchange Server, type in "". Under user name, type in your user name (everything that comes before and click on the Check Name button.

9. A window might pop up asking you for your login credentials. Make sure to include "ad\" before your username.

10. You will be brought back to the original window like in step 8, except this time both the Microsoft Exchange server and the user name should be underlined. The Microsoft Exchange server listed may have also changed in name. That is fine. Click on the Next button.

11. Your Mednet email account should now show up under the list of email accounts that Outlook has set up. If need be, set the Mednet account as your default account. To verify that your Mednet account is the default, look at which account is listed at the bottom, where it says "Selected email account delivers new email messages to the following location". Make sure that the name listed there is in the form of: "Mailbox - Lastname, Firstname\Inbox".

12. Now you're done! Again, if you need more assistance on how to set up email for different clients, platforms, or protocols, please submit a helpdesk request.