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Biomathematics Computing Support

Accounts and Services

There are a number of different services available here at Biomathematics.

To log on to most of the computers in the department you'll need an account on our Biomathematics Network. This account provides you with file server space, print service, and computer lab use.

You can also have a Biomath email account (i.e. This email account is for those people who are associated with the UCLA Department of Biomathematics.

Lastly, Mednet also has a VPN system in place. This is for those who wish to gain access to UCLA/School of Medicine/Biomathematics computing resources from off-campus. These resources include but are not limited to medical journals, file servers, web applications, etc.

For access to one or more of these, please fill out the following:

---> Biomathematics New Computer Account Application <---

Please submit all applications to Martha Riemer or the mailbox of the Computer Support Office. An introductory pamphlet will be provided which gives you an overview of our various resources available to you.

Online Helpdesk

Submit your technical support request here! This will ensure that your request is properly logged in our system.

The Team

Our Biomath office is located at the Life Sciences Building, Room 5202A. We also have another office at the Gonda Research Building, Room 4558. Group members are:

If you have any technical support needs, please submit your request via our Online Helpdesk to ensure that it is received and assigned in a timely manner.

Our general mailbox is

We've set up a number of pages to help out with common problems and initial set-up issues. If you have a suggestion for a new HOWTO, please email us.